Elliott Robert James

Robert completed his primary schooling in Blyth, completed one year of high school and at enlistment was attending Blyth Continuation School and here he could get his education to Grade 13.

Evans, Lyle

Trooper Evans arrives in France on July 22, 1944 and is sent to No. 1 Canadian Armoured Corp Trained Soldier Regiment to await orders.

Fawcett, Clifford Roy

The enemy mortars were located and eliminated by the Lincoln and Welland Mortar Unit. It was during this evening event where our research indicated Private Fawcett lost his life in battle.

Finlayson, Robert Alexander

The Commanding Officer stated that Lieutenant Finlayson will be missed as he had been with the Regiment through France, Belgium, Holland and into Germany. He also stated that Lieutenant Finlayson was one of the best Troop Commanders in the Regiment.

Fraser, James

Flying Officer Fraser moves to 61 Base on August 9, 1944. This is at RCAF Base Topcliffe in North Yorkshire between the dales and the moors.

Hart, Wilbert Carl

September 13, 1944 – Gunner Hart transfers to the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps and assumes the rank of Private. October 24, 1944 – assigned to the Black Watch of Canada.

Hoffman, Leonard Theodore

Leonard began to attend night classes and he did this until his enlistment at the end of 1942. Following his education, he worked on the family farm near Zurich for 2 ½ years.

Hood, Lloyd

In his meeting with the Canadian Army officials they felt he was a man of considerable endurance and would be a willing worker. He is deemed to be intelligent and social.

Jamieson, James

April 22, 1945 was cloudy and cool during the morning but as the day continued the weather became more dull with rain and into the evening it was cold...

Johnston, Kelso James

While in Goderich Kelso lived at 64 West Street. He received part of his education in Goderich and following this he then went to Stanstead Wesleyan College in Stanstead, Quebec. Following his education and prior to his enlistment he was employed as an accountant.

Kelly, George Francis

Gunner Kelly was stationed at Camp Ipperwash between June and October of 1944.

McSpadden, John Earl

John earned his primary education at S.S. No. 12 at McKillop and graduated from Grade 8 and then spent two years in High School in Seaforth. Following this he took a 14 week welding course in Owen Sound – Ontario.

Montgomery, Robert James

Robert attended high school in Goderich for two years and left school at the age of 17 years and then he worked for his brother Gordon who owned a general store and gas station. Robert was an attendant. He also worked for two seasons as a fireman on the lake boats out of Goderich.

Mugford, Earl Robert

November 4, 1942 - Following the initial set of interviews with the Army personnel they suggested he go into the Infantry as a Rifleman and become qualified on the 6 pounder Anti – tank gun

Murray, Donald McLennan

Following his enlistment, Private Murray met with Army officials and their observations were that Private Murray had a high learning ability, that he was easy going and that he seemed to always be cheerful and smiling and had a twinkle in his eyes.

Ryan, Thomas Joseph

In March 1945, Private Ryan’s father received a letter from a comrade of his son stating that when the Regiment was at the front between Nijmegen and Arnhem stating that they used to play cards together. The letter stated that Private Ryan was a member of No. 2 Platoon and that he was a Bren gunner.

Sallows, Robert Henry

Private Sallows on November 17, 1944 is Taken on Strength with the Essex Scottish Regiment and the following day he joined them in the field.

Straughan, George Melville

George received his primary educated and graduated from Grade 8 and then attended high school for two years up until the age of 17. After school he sailed on the lake boats of the Great Lakes for a season before working full time on the family farm in Auburn.

Taylor, Melvyn

Prior to his parachute training beginning he was interview by Canadian Army medical staff. In their report they mentioned he was a superb marksman, they felt he took life seriously, he was co-operative, he was determined to fight...

Young, Richard Kenneth

Richard prior to enlistment had worked in construction, in a creamery, in farming, was a truck driver and had been sailing on the Great Lakes for 9 ½ years. When Richard first enlisted he was residing on Trafalgar Street in Goderich.