Scroll of Remembrance

The scroll of remembrance, presented to H.R.H. Princess Margiet and her husband, Professor Pieter Van Vollenhoven for signature, is an original piece of heraldic artwork to commemorate the couple's official visit to Goderich, and to honour the "Huron County 20" who laid down their lives during the campaign to free the Netherlands from Nazi occupation.
The scroll includes the official seals of the Town of Goderich (seen on the upper left) and the County of Huron on the upper right.

About HRH Princess Margriet

Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has a storied connection with Canada. She is the third daughter of Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Princess Margriet has often represented the monarchy of the Netherlands at official or semi-official events. Some of these functions have brought her back to Canada, the country where she was born de facto, and to events organized by the Dutch merchant navy of which she is a patron.

Holten Canadian War Cemetery


At this cemetery for the past 70 years, officials of the Dutch Government, a member of the Dutch Royal family along with the citizens of the town of Holten have gathered on The Day of the Dead – May 4th. Also in attendance are officials from Canada and our Canadian veterans but 2015 may have been the last time our veterans will have been in attendance.

The crowd that gathered in Holten included many Dutch children who were addressed by Gert Jan Oplaat in a moving speech.  Click on the link below to hear what he said.